The Super Horns

The Super Horns are available for established bands seeking a horn section when needed. Perhaps you have a small band, but need a horn section for a more high profile gig. The Super Horns have charts for all the standard horn band repertoire and can provide tasteful charts for tunes that do not originally have horns. Sections of all sizes are available in any combination of saxophones, trumpets, and/or trombones.

Jazz Combos

The following are some examples of small jazz groups that are perfect for cocktail hours and other swingin' parties:

-solo piano/keyboard

-solo guitar

-saxophone & keyboard

-saxophone & guitar

-saxophone & bass

-trumpet & keyboard

-trumpet & guitar

-trumpet & bass

-saxophone, keyboard, bass & drums

-trumpet, guitar, bass & drums

You get it, the possibilities are endless...

Classical Ensembles

The following are some examples of classical groups that are perfect for wedding ceremonies and other elegant gatherings:

-solo piano/keyboard

-solo classical guitar

​-classical guitar & flute

-piano & flute

-any number/combination of strings:   violin/viola/cello

-saxophone quartet

-brass quartet/quintet

Quality musical entertainment for all occasions